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New access conditions:

Research, posting of texts and a short summary are free for everyone. The supply of articles now requires an access code to the archives which will be provided to you by calling

08 99 700 782, € 3 per call + € 0.34 / min.

You will be entitled to 5 complete articles, +2 free to cover any errors. You can get as many successive codes as needed by calling back. The validity period of a code is 2 months from its date of allocation.

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Search for articles by keywords

Do a keyword search by combining two criteria

By keywords
Enter a word that you think is contained in the article you are looking for.

Your search can be refined by indicating one or two additional word (s). In this case, the software will only display articles that contain ALL of the search words (“AND“logical).

Examples of research:
the word “train”: articles containing “train”

the words “train” “fast”: articles containing “train” AND “fast”

If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, type the first letters of it followed by a star (*). This will tell the software to do its research on all the words having the same root indicated.

Example of research on an adjective: the word “large”

If you indicate “big *”, the search will be done on “big” “big” “big” “big” “grandiloquent” etc …

Some precisions :

  • the software does not differentiate between upper and lower case.
  • the software ignores accented characters.
By period
Use the drop-down menu to indicate the period over which you want to start the search.

Currently, the newspapers for the month of September 1996 and following are available. The other numbers will be made available to you as and when.

Result of the research

  • each article found is displayed as a title (in gras) followed by the number and date of the edition as well as the section concerned, plus a summary of a few lines.
  • the entire article is visible by simply clicking on >>suite>>.
  • keywords are highlighted like this.