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Lagofa, your Muslim online store

In this e-Boutique which offers a wide range of products, supposed to satisfy all tastes, desires and expectations, and which will delight young and old, the universe specific to the Muslim world is available in all the richness of its diversity.

Reflection of this cultural and religious plurality, the section Delivered provides you with a large choice of educational, religious, linguistic, historical or even philosophical works. Coloring books allowing children, in a fun and creative way, to learn the Arabic alphabet and to familiarize themselves with the first words of the Arabic language, collections of hadiths, or even on the pillars of the Islamic faith, ablutions, through books devoted to the interpretation of dreams and the fascinating history of Islam, as well as the Golden Age of Islamic civilization, all readers will find their happiness.

Among the flagship products of the section Delivered, copies of the Holy Quran in Arabic and French, but also in an electronic and phonetic version, occupy a central place, alongside works promoting the learning of the Arabic language and the deepening of Quranic teachings.

On Lagofa, the Muslim family is spoiled for choice to please their children, in particular through a whole range of educational games that will sharpen their curiosity and stimulate their thirst for learning. Halal sweets deliciously complement the section dedicated to the youngest, where parents can buy with peace of mind, because all the products sold have been designed in strict accordance with Muslim ethics.

On Lagofa, the oriental flavors exude their sweet scents, some more vanilla or amber, others more spicy… You will find them in different sections, in particular that of Well-being, with the famous Aleppo soap, made from olive oil and containing bay laurel oil. For your natural care, Lagofa particularly recommends argan oil, extracted from the fruits of the argan tree. This oil is known for its revitalizing, healing and anti-oxidant properties.

You can also get jujube honey there, which is very effective in the natural treatment of liver problems, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, diseases resulting from malnutrition etc.… Another very popular product for Its ancestral healing virtues, the seed of black seed was strongly recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (saws). He said about him: ” Use this black seed, it contains a remedy for all diseases except death. »

We also mention in this section, black soap, a natural emollient which, with the combined effect of the Kessa glove, allows the elimination of dead cells, without forgetting our range of care for men, and its products developed specifically to maintain the beard.

Latest products and not the least to appear in the section Well-being, the use of siwak toothpastes, a natural component used for dental hygiene for over 15 centuries, is recommended for its tonic and astringent properties on the gums.

In the radius Oriental decoration, you can get beautiful Arabic calligraphy, in the form of wall stickers, lanterns, even for keyboards.

On Lagofa you will find products as varied as air fresheners, as well as a line of clothing for women, men and children, including beautiful tunics, beautifully decorated.

At any time of the year, and especially when the time comes to celebrate the month of Ramadan, you can buy on Lagofa the tasty Ajwa dates, a unique variety cultivated exclusively in the holy city of Medina, in Saudi Arabia.

They are renowned for their exceptional and authentic taste, as well as for their medicinal properties. A famous hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), reported by Sa’d ibn abi Waqass, extols the precious benefits: “ Whoever eats breakfast in the morning with seven Al-Ajwa dates, nothing can harm him on this day, neither by poison nor by witchcraft »(Boukhari et Mouslim).