Hotel La Villa Cap d’Antibes – Official Site

This beautiful adventure of La Villa hotels started 14 years ago.

Originally from Champagne, we decided to change our life, profession and region by buying in 2007 a small abandoned hotel on the French Riviera that we called The Villa Cap d’Antibes.

This hotel, a former private villa, inspired us to tropical and relaxing decoration suitable for this vacation spot.

Passionate about this new profession and in love with our adopted region, we have always worked very hard to take over the following hotels, which were all to be completely renovated and relaunched under the name ” The Ville “ definitely adopted!
We have kept our family organization with Vincent in charge of marketing and development and Stéphanie who takes care of all the work, decoration, and overall concept.

Passionate and motivated, we listen to all the suggestions and feedback from our customers who enrich us and help us progress. We sincerely hope that you will have a great time in our La Villa Hotels, warmly welcomed by our loyal teams!

……Live, Love, Laugh at La Villa hotels !….