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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms

1.1. The website (« Portal « ) is a portal for arranging accommodation reservations operated by HOTEL. CZ as , with its registered office at Kolbenova 882 / 5a, Vysočany, 190 00, Prague 9, registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Insert 9533 («  Operator « ). Correspondence address of the Operator: Řeznická 7, 460 01 Liberec, telephone 222 539 539 e-mail:

1.2. Accommodation facility is the owner / tenant of accommodation facilities («  Accommodation facility « ), providing the Customer with services according to the order mediated on the Portal .

1.3. Customer is a person (natural or legal) ordering services offered in Accommodation Facilities («  Customer « ).

2. Introductory provisions

2.1. These General Terms and Conditions («  GTC « ) govern the contractual relationship between the Operator, the Customer and the Accommodation Facility in the implementation of accommodation booking offered by the Accommodation equipment on the Portal («  Service « ).

2.2. The contractual relationship between the Operator and the Accommodation Facility is governed by the brokerage agreement and these GTC.

2.3. The contractual relationship between the Operator and the Customer is governed by the Contract (as this term is defined below), these GTC and the business conditions of each individual Accommodation Facility („ OP facilities “), which are listed in the footer of the reservation form for each specific Accommodation Facility mediated on the Portal. In the event of a conflict between these GTC and the OP facility, the business conditions that are more favorable for the Customer shall prevail. The customer is obliged to get acquainted with the GTC and OP equipment.

3. Applicable law and legal regime

3.1. Contractual relations between the contracting parties are governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

3.2. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority, with its registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, Company Identification Number: 000 20 869, Internet address, is responsible for out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes under the Agreement. : The online dispute resolution platform at can be used to resolve disputes between the Operator and the Consumer Customer under the Contract by electronic means.

3.3. European Consumer Center Czech Republic, with its registered office at Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague 2, internet address: is a contact Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution and amending Regulation (EC) No 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC consumer dispute resolution online).

4. The process of ordering and paying for services

4.1. Ordering

Customer expresses its interest in the Service by submitting a booking form («  Order « ). The Operator verifies the free capacity at the Accommodation Facility within the term required by the Customer in the Order and informs the Customer about the availability and specific price of accommodation for the selected date. Binding ordering of the Service occurs at the moment of telephone or written confirmation of the Order / approval of the binding offer by the Customer and the Operator (sending the accommodation voucher to the Customer).

The operator on the Portal also displays the offers of Accommodation Facilities advertised on the web portal („ Spa Portal .cz “). In the event that an Order for a stay is sent from the Portal, the given contractual relationship is governed by the business conditions of the Portal, available at: The Customer is obliged to read the given business conditions before sending the Order.

4.2. Price of the service

The price of the Service is determined by the Accommodation Facility. The price depends on the selected date, number of persons and other parameters entered by the Customer in the Order. Prior to the binding confirmation, the Operator informs the Customer about the final price (with information about the currency in which the price is governed); after the approval of the binding offer by the Customer, a binding order for the Services will take place, ie a contract will be concluded between the Customer and the Operator (« Contract« ).

The prices displayed for individual Accommodation Facilities on the Portal are determined by the Accommodation Facilities, are only indicative and are not binding until the binding offer is sent by the Operator to the Customer.

The portal publishes offers of Accommodation Facilities in addition to Czech crowns also in selected foreign currencies (especially in EUR), while conversion into Czech crowns is governed by the exchange rate set by the accommodation beginning or the current exchange rate of the Czech National Bank listed on – the conversion is always valid at the time of the Customer’s visit to the Portal. The Customer acknowledges that when publishing offers of Accommodation Facilities in a currency other than Czech crowns, the amount expressing the price for the Services may be adjusted after the execution of the Order (especially due to a change in the exchange rate). However, the final price expressed in the currency binding for the given Order does not change from the moment the binding offer is sent by the Operator.

Unless otherwise stated, the final price does not take into account any additional requirements of the Customer that were entered in the note field during the Order or such requirements that are considered additional during the telephone order, of which the Customer is informed during the call. Additional notes are also displayed in the accommodation voucher and accompanying e-mails. Additional requirements are actively negotiated by the Accommodation Facility directly with the Customer.

In the case of non-refundable reservations, the Accommodation Facility is entitled to deduct the corresponding amount only if such additional requirements of the Customer affect the total price of accommodation. The operator is not responsible for providing additional requirements, their price or quality.

4.3. Payment Terms

Payment is made at the Accommodation Facility. For some bookings, especially for group bookings, a credit card guarantee or a deposit of up to 100% of the stay may be required. The Customer is informed of the credit card guarantee or prepayment during the Order Confirmation process.
In special cases, but especially in case of repeated arrivals or complaints of accommodation providers for violation of the accommodation regulations, the Customer may be required to guarantee a payment card.

4.4. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are vouchers issued by the Operator, which the Customer can purchase and use to pay for the Order with them, ie a stay in the Accommodation Facility (« DP ») can be purchased with them. The values ​​on the DP with the values ​​of other discount coupons cannot be added at the same time.

The customer has the opportunity to purchase a DP in one of the offered values, which can then be used for one of the stays offered on the Portal. The information about the specific stay stated on the DP is not binding and the DP can also be used for other stays offered at the time of applying the DP on the Portal.

The customer has the option to choose the form of DP delivery. The electronic form of DP delivered to the Customer’s e-mail address is free of charge, the paper form of DP delivered via a postal service provider (eg Czech Post) is charged CZK 70.

DP is non-transferable after its issuance and can be used only by the Customer or the person listed on it, to select a stay package from the current offer on the Portal and other sites specified by the Operator (currently only on the Spa Portal. cz) with regard to the free capacities of the Accommodation Facility.

The validity of the DP is indicated on its front page and is at least 12 (in words: twelve) months from the date of its issuance. If the validity of the DP according to these GTC differs (is shorter) from the one stated on the front of the DP, the validity on the front of the DP takes precedence . After the expiration of the DP (eg in case of non-use), the Customer loses the opportunity to apply it and is not entitled to claim compensation for it.

The Operator may decide to extend the validity of the DP at the request of the Customer. The Customer is not entitled to such an extension and is aware that it always depends on the decision of the Operator.

Each DP, or any discount or other coupon provided by the Operator in connection with its Services, is a one-time and expires after its application.

If the value of DP does not reach the price of the booked stay, the difference can be paid by any payment method allowed by the Operator. If the price of the stay is lower than the value of the DP, the difference in value will not be reimbursed and no financial compensation can be claimed for it.

DP is not exchangeable for money, it cannot be exchanged or drawn gradually. The value of DP can be exhausted only by its one-time application.

4.5. Communication mediation

By acceding to these GTC, the Accommodation Facility agrees to mediate communication by the Operator through the Portal (including any processing, storage, receipt, access to, viewing and monitoring of communication by the Portal) („ Communication mediation b) “) and declares that it thoroughly informs its employees, representatives and other persons (and in accordance with the applicable legal regulations it will inform them and possibly obtain consent) about the use of the Communication Mediation service provided to it or is provided on its behalf. The accommodation facility agrees not to use the Communication Mediation service to send unsolicited commercial messages. The Accommodation Facility shall fully indemnify the Operator for any third party claims or sanctions resulting from the illegal or unauthorized use of the Communication Mediation Service for the Accommodation Facility’s own purposes.

5. Cancellation policy and complaints

5.1. Cancellation policy for accommodation

Cancellation conditions are specified in the OP device. In the event that the Accommodation Facility does not have its own cancellation policy defined, the first night will be charged to the guarantee by credit card guarantee in case of no-show. If the reservation is canceled by the Customer (cancellation is confirmed by the Operator to the Customer in writing) 24 or more hours before the originally planned arrival of the guest, no cancellation fee is applied to the guarantee by credit card.

5.2. Cancellation policy for gift vouchers

The customer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for the purchase of DP within 14 days from the date of receipt, ie the issuance of DP, this does not apply if DP has already applied within this period.

After the issuance and expiration of the 14-day return period, DP is non-refundable and no financial compensation can be claimed for it.

5.3. The Customer is obliged to inform the Operator of any changes in the Order or its cancellation in writing.

5.4. In the event of cancellation of the Order by the Operator or the Accommodation Facility, the Operator will offer the Customer an alternative date or stay in another Accommodation Facility. In the event that the Customer does not accept the alternatives, the Operator will return to the Customer the paid payment paid by the Customer to the Operator for such canceled Order. The Customer must claim the Customer’s payments made to the Accommodation Facility back after the Accommodation Facility and not after the Operator.

5.5. Complaints about the quality of accommodation and services provided by the Accommodation Facility are resolved by the Customer himself and directly with the Accommodation Facility, or with the help of the Operator, who can communicate with the specific Accommodation Facility regarding the Customer’s complaint.

5.6. Complaints about the Operator’s Services are possible in writing electronically at the e-mail address or by correspondence at the address HOTEL.CZ a.s., Řeznická 7, 460 01 Liberec. The Customer’s complaint concerning the Operator’s Services will be settled immediately, or as soon as possible after its receipt, but no later than within 30 days, and the Operator will make every effort to ensure that the Customer’s complaint is resolved to his satisfaction. The customer will be continuously informed about the status and manner of handling his complaint.

6. Responsibility for content and information on the Portal

6.1. All content and information stated in the offers of Accommodation Facilities are stored on the Portal by Accommodation Facilities. In relation to the content and information provided in the offers of Accommodation Facilities, Portal acts as a service provider, which consists in storing information provided by users (Accommodation Facilities) within the meaning of Article 14 of Directive 2000/31 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2000 on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market (the “Electronic Commerce Directive”) and Section 5 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services, as amended (“ Act on certain information society services « ).

6.2. The operator is not (in accordance with Article 15 of the Electronic Commerce Directive and § 6 of the Act on Certain Information Society Services) obliged to supervise the content of the information transmitted or stored by it, nor to actively seek out facts and circumstances that point to illegal information.

6.3. In accordance with Article 6.2 of these GTC, the Operator does not verify the content and information in the offers of Accommodation Facilities and does not exercise any control or supervision over them. The Operator thus does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, correctness, legality or availability of the content and information stated in the offers of the Accommodation Facilities.

6.4. of the Act on Certain Information Society Services without delay all steps that may be required of it to remove or make such content and information inaccessible.

6.5. Any responsibility of the Operator for the content and information stated in the offers of Accommodation Facilities is governed by the rules set out in the Directive on Electronic Commerce and in the Act on Certain Information Society Services.

6.6. The Operator is responsible for its own content and information provided on the Portal in accordance with the applicable legislation.

7. Notification of illegal content and information on the portal

7.1. Any person may report illegal content and information on the Portal to the Portal in the manner described in this Article 7 of the GTC (« Notifier« ).

7.2. The Notifier is obliged to report illegal content to the Operator on the Portal in accordance with this Article 7 of the GTC («  Notification « ).

7.3. The Notifier is obliged to deliver the Notification to the Operator in writing electronically to the e-mail address or by correspondence to the address HOTEL.CZ as, Řeznická 7, 460 01 Liberec

7.4. The notification must contain at least:
(a)   details of the Notifier, including his contact details;
(b)   identification of the Accommodation Facility’s offer or placement of content on the Portal, including the entire unique URL of the site;
(c)   a statement stating that the content is illegal;
(d)   an explanation of the reasons for the illegality of the content;
(e)   additional information necessary to assess the illegality of the content.

7.5. The Notifier is responsible for the accuracy, veracity, completeness, legitimacy and justification of the Notification. The Notifier is responsible for the Notification, which incorrectly, falsely, unjustifiably or unjustifiably marks legally harmless content, including liability for damage caused to the Accommodation Facility to which the Notification relates and / or the Operator.

7.6. In the event that the Notification does not contain at least the data and information specified in Article 7.4 of these GBTC, such Notification may not be considered by the Operator due to the circumstances of the case. made. In such a case, the Operator is entitled to request additional information from the Notifier to the Notification.

8. Other obligations of the Accommodation Facility

8.1. The accommodation facility is responsible for the content of the offers; may not contain false or otherwise misleading information in the tenders, or information that otherwise violates the laws or rights of third parties and is liable for damages caused by a breach of this obligation.

8.2. If the Accommodation Facility repeatedly (incorrectly or repeatedly) provides false or otherwise misleading information in the offer, or information otherwise violating legal regulations or the rights of third parties, the Operator is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with the Accommodation Facility by withdrawing from the contract. The accommodation facility is obliged to remove all its offers and content from the Portal immediately after the withdrawal takes effect. If he fails to do so, the Operator is entitled to remove all offers and content of the given Accommodation Facility.

9. Personal information

The processing of personal data in the provision of the Services by the Operator (including handling cookies, sending business messages and recording telephone calls) is governed by the principles of personal data processing available here:

10. Validity and effectiveness

10.1. The Operator may continuously change or supplement the wording of these GTC. The Customer acknowledges that the GTC valid at the time of concluding the Contract will always apply to the contractual relationship between him and the Operator.

10.2. These GTC come into force and effect on 14.3.2022 .

10.3. The valid wording of these GTC is available at the headquarters of the Portal and is published on the website