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Auto, Mutual, Borrower, Animal Insurance Comparator: Hyperassur

Insurance comparator: find cover adapted to your needs

Compare to save money, without reducing your guarantees

  • Your current insurance does not reimburse you enough?
  • It no longer corresponds to the services you need?
  • Maybe it’s costing you too much?
  • Or that your situation has changed?

So many reasons to take stock and compare hundreds of insurance offers, on the same levels of guarantees and services. A insurance comparator online allows you to find the insurance you need, at best quality / price. All in just a few clicks.

In addition, since January 1, 2015, the Hamon law allows you to terminate your various contracts (auto, motorcycle, home) after one year of engagement. That is why we advise you to play the competition and compare the latest market offers.

The know-how of a pioneering comparator

Group member Compare, Hyperassur is one of the pioneers of insurance comparison. With 14 years of experience as an insurance comparator, we have acquired the leading position in the personal insurance market. In addition, Hyperassur has no capital link with any insurer: our answers are 100% independent and impartial. Entirely Free and without commitment, our insurance comparator offers you real-time quote, depending on your personal situation and your needs. The prices displayed are the same as if you went directly through an insurer: no additional costs therefore, and savings to the key.

Make an informed choice about your auto, health, borrower, and animal insurance.

Do you feel lost in the insurance jungle? Do not panic ! Whatever area you are interested in, we guide you to the offer that best meets your needs.

  • Have you been better insured for your health? Change Mutual ? Take a Complementary Health to cover your medical expenses, without paying for the ones you don’t use! Find our mutual health guide to support you, step by step.
  • You want to insure your Dog, your chat, rabbits, parrots… Thanks to our comparator danimal insurance, protect your pet against the vagaries of life, without impacting your budget.
  • You have found the house of your dreams and wish It’ssave on your mortgage? Borrower insurance allows you to cover the risks of accident, disability or death of your credit. It is required to take out a mortgage but nothing requires you to choose the one from your bank (delegation of insurance). Our comparatorcredit insurance will allow you to find contracts up to € 10,000 cheaper.
  • You are a business owner, you need a professional insurance ? RC Pro, Multirisque Pro, Decennial. Discover the best offers on the market by requesting a quote, we will find you the best insurers for your profile.

Compare dozens of insurers in a few clicks

More than 150 partners in the insurance world

Hyperassur is registered with ORIAS and IOBSP, which attest to its competence to present insurance and financial products. We collaborate with more than 150 insurance companies, brokers, mutuals and provident institutions. Among them, Allianz, Direct Assurance, AXA, Mutuelle Générale, EOVI, MMA, SantéVet, April, Assu 2000, and many others.

Operation of the service

By making a request on Hyperassur, you ask about fifteen insurers who will return their rates.

The offers are selected according to your needs, and classified by price.

If you are interested in an offer, you can contact the insurer directly for a quote, advice, or subscribe online.

If you cannot find the right contract, Hyperassur will select brokers for you who will contact you by phone. The objective: to advise you. More details on the service operation

Save time and money

From your home, and in a few minutes, you get quotes fromCar Insurance personalized or quotes for mutual and health insurance tailored.

At Hyperassur, we put into perspective the price, deductibles, guarantees and services of several insurers at the same time. And you can get in touch with them with just one click. You save precious time and make real savings on your insurance. Comparing online frees you from having to shop around for insurance agencies and allows you to identify the offer that most closely matches your situation.

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